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101 Learning and Development Tools-Kenneth Fee
101 Learning and Development Tools  Review
by Kenneth Fee (Author)
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Publisher : Kogan Page
Publish date : 03-Jan-2012
Category : Human Resource (HR)
Mediatype : Books
Binding : Paperback
Availability : InStock, Order now ships within 2-3 business days
List Price :   Rs. 595
Greenleaf Price :  Rs. 506
You Save :  Rs. 89
ISBN : 9780749461089 / Indian ISBN 13: 9780749461089
Pages : 272
Book Summary : 101 Learning and Development Tools

101 Learning and Development Tools is your practical guide to all the most up-to-date training techniques, organized around the classic learning and development cycle. Whether you need a quick, ready solution or some guidance on where to go for in-depth information, this is your essential reference guide. It picks up from where you are in the process of managing learning, and helps you place it in a broader context.

Each chapter is a mini guide to each tool with:

  • -a description of the tool
  • -analysis
  • -resources needed
  • -cost implications
  • -cross-references to help you identify alternative or related tools
  • -suggestions for further study or investigation

101 Learning and Development Tools is the indispensable all-in-one-volume reference book for both professionals in the field and students learning about the subject.

About the Author
Kenneth Fee is a learning and development consultant who specializes in e-learning strategy. He has consulted with blue chip clients and designed solutions based on published learning resources. He was founder CEO of the eLearning Alliance. He is also the author of Delivering E-Learning: A Complete Strategy for Design, Application and Assessment also published by Kogan Page.

The learning and development cycle

PART ONE: Learning needs analysis
Understanding learning, development, education and training
L&DNA grids
Identifying organizational learning needs: a step-by-step approach
Performance analysis quadrant
The learning curve
Bloom’s taxonomy of learning domains
Informal and non-formal learning
Kolb’s experiential learning cycle
Honey and Mumford’s learning styles
Rose’s learning styles
Overcoming barriers to learning
Johari window
How to develop a learning culture
How to develop a learning organization
The learning value chain
Accelerated learning
Emotional intelligence
Gardner’s multiple intelligences
Neuro-linguistic programming
Knowledge management: distinguishing data, information and knowledge
The five aspects of talent management
The talent web
The succession planning cycle
Devising and using standards of competence
Board-level development: a needs audit
Learning methods and styles grid
Learning methods choice matrix

PART TWO: Planning learning
The six essential elements of a learning strategy
Using the learning and development cycle to plan learning interventions
A step-by-step guide to planning a learning event
Personal development planning
Using different approaches to learning and development
Criteria for choosing a learning approach
A checklist for procuring learning services
Outsourcing versus insourcing
The four phases of knowledge management
The three component parts of e-Learning
The five models of e-learning
Learning design: the five dimensions
The route map model for e-Learning design
A classification of e-Learning technologies
What to look for in a digital learning platform
Checklist - 10 things to look out for when dealing with e-Learning vendors
What to look for in a learning and development consuItant
What to look for in learning materials
Working with union learning representatives
Using qualification • Reference list of learning and development methods

PART THREE: Implementing learning
Coaching - tips and pitfalls
Facilitation - tips and pitfalls
Lecturing - tips and pitfalls
How to mentor someone
How to organize work-based learning
Guided practice
Putting together action learning sets
Setting up a community of practice
The seven pillars of a corporate university
Preparing a lesson plan
Preparing to deliver a course: a checklist
Tips for team teaching
360 - degree feedback
Psychometric instruments for development rather than assessment
Innovative approaches to learning
Using storytelling in learning and development
Games, and learning through play
Volunteering-based learning
Development centres
Assessing and recording competence
Learning logs and contracts
Guided reading
Appreciative inquiry
Networking via professional bodies
Outplacement services
Blended learning models
Social networking and collaborative tools
Checklist for setting up a learning centre
Costing learning Assessing learning Centre

PART FOUR: Evaluating learning
Costing learning
Assessing learning
Talent management and development: the GE nine box model
Quality management of learning: the diamond model
Applying quality management tools to learning
Making a business case for learning and development
Internal marketing of learning and development
How to get value from a corporate university
How to get value from learning consultants
Evaluation: how to recognize and when to use the main methods
Kirkpatrick’s four levels of evaluation
Producing an evaluation sheet
Measures in evaluating learning
CIPD partnership of learning model
Evaluation metrics
Calculating return on investment
Evaluation: return on expectations
Six Sigma for learning and development
Balanced scorecard for learning and development
E-Learning: the impact matrix
Evaluation: total value add
Performance analysis quadrant
Quality management of learning: the diamond model

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