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Blade Servers and Virtualization Transforming Enterprise Computing While Cutting Costs-Anne Skamarock, Barb Goldworm
Blade Servers and Virtualization Transforming Enterprise Computing While Cutting Costs  Review
by Anne Skamarock, Barb Goldworm (Author)
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Publisher : Wiley
Publish date : 12-Feb-2007
Category : Data Management
Mediatype : Books
Binding : Paperback
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List Price :   Rs. 399
Greenleaf Price :  Rs. 359
You Save :  Rs. 40
ISBN : 9780471783954 / Indian ISBN 13: 9788126512157
Pages : 384
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Book Summary : Blade Servers and Virtualization Transforming Enterprise Computing While Cutting Costs
  • Blade server systems and virtualization are key building blocks for Next Generation Enterprise Data centers
  • Blades offer modular, pre-wired, ultra high-density servers (up to 10x traditional servers) with shared components (power, cooling, switches) – reducing complexity and cost, and improving flexibility, availability, manageability, and maintainability
  • Virtualization enables consolidation of physical servers by allowing many virtual servers to run concurrently on one physical server – improving system utilization, reducing the total number of physical servers, reducing costs, and increasing flexibility
  • This is the first book covering these complementary technologies and how, together, they provide a strong foundation for the future
  • It examines the history, architectures, features, examples, and user case studies of blade systems and virtualization, and offers guidance and considerations for how to evaluate and implement solutions
Get up to speed on blade servers and virtualization

The combination of blade servers and virtualization provides you with the flexibility, high availability, and manageability to deliver services on demand to users anywhere, anytime. Guiding you through these two technologies, this book clearly shows you why they are rapidly becoming key foundation building blocks for the next generation of data centers.

Experts Goldworm and Skamarock explore the benefits of blade servers and virtualization, presenting you with an architectural view of each. They also include an analysis of the major offerings along with case studies and tips for selecting products. This information will help you successfully implement these technologies on your own.

Here's the information to power up your data center
  • Assess the needs of your company and determine whether blade servers and virtualization are the right choices.
  • Utilize the specific features of blade server systems and their components.
  • Analyze the approaches and architectures of various alternatives.
  • Compare and contrast different vendor solutions in order to make the best selection.
  • Decide on hardware, system software, and data center facilities.
  • Gain a better understanding of the trade-offs, pitfalls, and other considerations that must be taken into account.
  • Learn how to successfully integrate blade servers and virtualization into your production environment.
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