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Designing for Scalability with Microsoft Windows DNA-Per Sundblad, Sten Sundblad
Designing for Scalability with Microsoft Windows DNA  Review
by Per Sundblad, Sten Sundblad (Author)
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Publisher : Microsoft Press-WP
Publish date : 26-May-2000
Category : Windows Programming
Mediatype : Books
Binding : Paperback
Availability : IsAvailable, Order now ships within 5-7 business days
List Price :   Rs. 575
Greenleaf Price :  Rs. 489
You Save :  Rs. 86
ISBN : 9780735609686 / Indian ISBN 13: 9788178530260
Pages : 450
Book Summary : Designing for Scalability with Microsoft Windows DNA
Windows DNA is Microsoft's multiproduct solution for data portability, multilanguage application development, and deployment of software on heterogeneous networks. Designing for Scalability with Microsoft Windows DNA explains Windows DNA completely, yet with a pedagogical style that's very effective in getting across the essentials of this new and highly capable assortment of technologies. The father-and-son authors have experience in teaching the design of data-driven applications, and their experience is obvious in these pages.

The Sundblads walk through the creation of a three-tiered application (or a five-tiered one, if you break the business rules down a bit) that provides access to a database. Their goal isn't so much the programming that's involved (although they use Microsoft Transaction Server and COM+ a lot), but instead the design of their application, which allows for maximum future expansion. Their style is carefully paced, with a flowing discussion of the decisions that need to be made at each point in the development process, the reasons for deciding a certain way, and the means of implementing those decisions. Code here exists very nicely alongside intelligent commentary. After reading this book, you'll be able to design and build efficient, scalable business applications by using Microsoft's latest data-access and interface-building technologies. --David Wall

Topics covered: Rules and principles for designing and implementing multitier business applications that rely on database access. Various technologies come up in the discussion, including COM+, Active Data Objects (ADO), Microsoft Transaction Server (MTS), Dynamic HTML (DHTML), and Extensible Markup Language (XML).

Product Description
Microsoft Windows DNA is Microsoft's platform for building and deploying Web-based applications. DESIGNING FOR SCALABILITY WITH MICROSOFT WINDOWS DNA describes major technologies associated with using the DNA model to develop scalable enterprise applications. The book shows how to use Microsoft tools such as the Visual Basic development system and the Windows 2000 operating system with Windows DNA to reduce your time to market, secure great performance and scalability, and assure development success. It includes a complete overview of Windows DNA; an introduction to Extensible Markup Language (XML), Microsoft Transaction Server (MTS), and COM+ and related Web technologies; plus practical code examples. This book shows you how to:
  • Develop component-based applications to manage user, business, and data services.
  • Create components on the server side using web classes and on the client side using Dynamic HTML (DHTML).
  • Use the Microsoft Transaction Server component-based transaction processing system to develop, deploy, and manage high-performing, scalable, robust server applications.
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