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Embedded Programming with the Microsoft .NET Micro Framework-Donald Thompson, Rob S Miles
Embedded Programming with the Microsoft .NET Micro Framework  Review
by Donald Thompson, Rob S Miles (Author)
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Publisher : Microsoft Press-WP
Publish date : 20-Jun-2007
Category : .Net Framework
Mediatype : Books
Binding : Paperback
Availability : IsAvailable, Order now ships within 5-7 business days
List Price :   Rs. 399
Greenleaf Price :  Rs. 339
You Save :  Rs. 60
ISBN : 9780735623651 / Indian ISBN 13: 9788178531212
Pages : 288
Book Summary : Embedded Programming with the Microsoft .NET Micro Framework
Learn how to use the Microsoft .NET Micro Framework to develop applications for the next generation of embedded devices. Embedded programming is set to move into the mainstream as a variety of new devices come to market. A key embedded device enabled by Windows Vista(tm) that requires the .NET Micro Framework is Windows SideShow(tm), the external display that will be incorporated into many notebook computers. This reference shows developers how to use the .NET Micro Framework to create new applications for Windows SideShow displays and small, resource-constrained devices. With insights direct from the product team it covers essential topics, including interface design and managed drivers, device capabilities, and how to use emulation technologies. In addition, it delves into how to port key functionality from existing applications into other form factors. Ideal for developers with experience working with Microsoft Visual Studio® 2005 and Microsoft Visual C#®, this essential guide includes practical examples and code samples.

From the Publisher
Key Book Benefits:

-Provides critical information about key topics--ranging from interface design to managed drivers

-Features insights from the product team

-Includes a companion Web site with tools to help simplify .NET Micro Framework development
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