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Getting Results from Software Development Teams-Lawrence J Peters
Getting Results from Software Development Teams  Review
by Lawrence J Peters (Author)
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Publisher : Manning Dreamtech Press
Publish date : 28-Jun-2008
Category : Software Project
Mediatype : Books
Binding : Paperback
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List Price :   Rs. 499
Greenleaf Price :  Rs. 424
You Save :  Rs. 75
ISBN : 9780735623460 / Indian ISBN 13: 9789350041659
Pages : 400
Book Summary : Getting Results from Software Development Teams
Learn best practices for software development project management and lead your teams and projects to success. Dr. Lawrence Peters is an industry-recognized expert with decades of experience conducting research and leading real-world software projects. Beyond getting the best developers, equipment, budget, and timeline possible Peters concludes that no factor is more critical to project success than the manager s role. Drawing on proven practices from allied industries such as business, psychology, accounting, and law, he describes a broader project-management methodology with principles that software managers can readily adapt to help increase their own effectiveness and the productivity of their teams. Unlike other books on the topic, this book focuses squarely on the manager and shows how to get results without adopting philosophies from Genghis Khan or Machiavelli. (There is mention of Godzilla, however.) Packed with real-world examples and pragmatic advice, this book shows any software development manager new or experienced how to lead teams in delivering the right results for their business.
From the Publisher
Key Book Benefits:

- Delivers methodologies and metrics for developing and analyzing project plans that work - Provides principles based on extensive managerial experience, with many real-world examples - Focuses on the management role, in contrast to many books in the field that cover multiple roles on a team
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