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Lean Production Simplified 2nd Edition-Dennis Pascal
Lean Production Simplified 2nd Edition  
by Dennis Pascal (Author)
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Publisher : Productivity Press
Publish date : 02-Mar-2007
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Binding : Paperback
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List Price :   Rs. 425
Greenleaf Price :  Rs. 361
You Save :  Rs. 64
ISBN : 9781563273568 / Indian ISBN 13: 9781563273568
Pages : 192
Book Summary : Lean Production Simplified 2nd Edition


Lean Production Simplified, 2nd Edition is a plain language guide to the lean production system written for the practitioner by a practitioner. It delivers a comprehensive insider's view of lean manufacturing. The author helps the reader to grasp the system as a whole and the factors that animate it by organizing the book around an image of a house of lean production.

Highlights include:

  • A comprehensive view of Toyota¹s lean manufacturing system
  • A look at the origins and underlying principles of lean
  • Identifying the goals of lean production
  • Practical problem solving for lean production
  • Activities that support involvement - Kaizen circles, suggestion systems, and problem solving

This 2nd Edition has been updated with expanded information on the Lean Improvement Process; Production Physics and Little's Law - the fundamental equation for both manufacturing and service industries (cycle time = work in process/throughput); Value Stream Thinking - combining processes required to bring the product or service to the customer; Hoshin Planning -- using the Planning and Execution Tree diagram and Problem Solving -- including the "Five Why" method and how to use it.

Lean Production Simplified, 2nd Edition covers each of the components of lean within the context of the entire lean production system. The author's straightforward common sense approach makes this book an easily accessible on-the-floor resource for every operator.

About the Author
Pascal Dennis is a professional engineer, author, and educator with 20 years experience in manufacturing, public service and consulting engineering. He developed his lean thinking skills on the shop floor of Toyota Motor Manufacturing Canada (TMMC), and by working with lean masters in Japan and North America. In his leadership position at Toyota Motor Manufacturing Canada he supported various model launches, the construction of a new facility, and the hiring of new team members. Under his leadership Toyota Motor Manufacturing Canada has received the JD Power Gold Medal for quality and he received the OSH Award of Excellence for Professional Achievement.

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