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Migrating Applications to IPv6-Dan York
Migrating Applications to IPv6  
by Dan York (Author)
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Publisher : Oreilly
Publish date : 29-Jun-2011
Category : Computer Books New Arrival
Mediatype : Books
Binding : Paperback
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List Price :   Rs. 100
Greenleaf Price :  Rs. 100
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ISBN : 9781449307875 / Indian ISBN 13: 9789350234372
Pages : 72
Book Summary : Migrating Applications to IPv6

If IPv6 is to be adopted on a large scale, the applications running on desktop systems, laptops, and even mobile devices need to work just as well with this protocol as they do with IPv4. This concise book takes you beyond the network layer and helps you explore the issues you need to address if you are to successfully migrate your apps to IPv6. It's ideal for application developers, system/network architects, product managers, and others involved in moving your network to IPv6.

  • Explore changes you need to make in your application's user interface
  • Make sure your application is retrieving correct information from DNS
  • Evaluate your app’s ability to store and process both IPv6 and IPv4 addresses
  • Determine if your app exposes or consumes APIs where there are IP address format dependencies
  • Work with the network layer to ensure the transport of messages to and from your app
  • Incorporate IPv6 testing into your plans, and use the correct IPv6 addresses in your documentation

About the Author
Dan York has been writing, speaking and teaching about online communication technology since the mid-1980s. In 1998 he co-founded the Linux Professional Institute (LPI), today the leading global certification program for Linux professionals, and later served on the Board of Directors of Linux International. He’s written multiple books on Linux and networking; created some of the first courseware about creating web sites back in the early 1990’s; developed open source software in many languages including python, perl, LISP and most recently Node.js; and worked with more XML variants than he can possibly remember, including DocBook, VoiceXML, CCXML and more. His writing can be found at Code.DanYork.com and he is on Github as danyork.

Dan serves as the Director of Conversations at Voxeo heading up the company’s communication through new/social media including blogs, video, Twitter and Facebook with a focus on creating online content helping developers build applications. Previously, Dan served in Voxeo’s Office of the CTO focused on analyzing/evaluating emerging technology, participating in industry standards bodies and addressing VoIP security issues.

Outside of Voxeo, Dan serves as the Chair of the VOIP Security Alliance , was the author of the book Seven Deadliest Unified Communications Attacks and was previously the producer and co-host of the weekly Blue Box: The VoIP Security Podcast

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