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Murachs Mainframe COBOL-Anne Prince, Mike Murach, Raul Menendez
Murachs Mainframe COBOL  
by Anne Prince, Mike Murach, Raul Menendez (Author)
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Publisher : Murach
Publish date : 08-Mar-2004
Category :
Mediatype :
Binding : Paperback
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List Price :   Rs. 4225
Greenleaf Price :  Rs. 4225
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ISBN : 9781890774240 / Indian ISBN 13: 9781890774240
Pages : 687
Book Summary : Murachs Mainframe COBOL

This is the latest edition of our classic COBOL book that has set the standard for structured design and coding since the mid-1970s. So if you want to learn how to write COBOL programs the way they're written in the best enterprise COBOL shops, this is the book for you. And when you're done learning from this book, it becomes the best reference you'll ever find for use on the job. Throughout the book, you will learn how to use COBOL on IBM mainframes because that's where 90 per cent or more of all COBOL is running. But to work on a mainframe, you need to know more than just the COBOL language. That's why this book also shows you: how to use the ISPF editor for entering programs; how to use TSO/E and JCL to compile and test programs; how to use the AMS utility to work with VSAM files; how to use CICS for developing interactive COBOL programs; how to use DB2 for developing COBOL programs that handle database data; how to maintain legacy programs. If you want to learn COBOL for other platforms, this book will get you off to a good start because COBOL is a standard language. In fact, all of the COBOL that's presented in this book will also run on any other platform that has a COBOL compiler. Remember, though, that billions of lines of mainframe COBOL are currently in use, and those programs will keep programmers busy for many years to come.

Like all our books, this one has features that you won’t find in competing books. That’s why we believe that you’ll learn faster and better with our book than with any other. Here are five of those features.

  • In chapters 4 and 5, you’ll learn the structured programming methods that are used in the best mainframe shops. Paul Noll, a veteran programmer and manager for Pacific Telephone (now SBC Communications), and other members of our staff pioneered these methods way back in the mid-1970s; they have been making life easier for programmers ever since; and they have become an ad hoc standard in many mainframe shops.
  • Besides teaching standard COBOL, which can be run on any computer system, ours is the only book that shows you how to work in the IBM mainframe environment. And that’s where 90% or more of all the COBOL code is running.
  • 14 full programs and dozens of coding segments illustrate the best coding practices currently available. Whether you’re a beginner or a professional, you’ll boost your productivity by using these as models when you code your own programs.
  • All of the information in this book is presented in "paired pages" with the essential details and examples on the right and the perspective on the left. This lets you learn faster by reading less…and you won’t find anything like it in competing books.


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