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Oracle Database 10g DBA Handbook-Bob Bryla, Kevin Loney
Oracle Database 10g DBA Handbook  Review
by Bob Bryla, Kevin Loney (Author)
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Publisher : Tata McGraw-Hill
Publish date : 24-Mar-2005
Category : Oracle
Mediatype : Books
Binding : Paperback
Availability : InStock, Order now ships within 2-3 business days
List Price :   Rs. 795
Greenleaf Price :  Rs. 676
You Save :  Rs. 119
ISBN : 9780072231458 / Indian ISBN 13: 9780070601130
Pages : 736
Book Summary : Oracle Database 10g DBA Handbook

Everything a DBA needs to know in one volume--this is the must-have reference for anyone working with the Oracle database, and it's been fully revised and updated for Oracle Database 10g. Co-author Kevin Loney is the all-time, best-selling Oracle Press author.

The Essential Resource for All Oracle Database Administrators
Maintain a high-performance Oracle enterprise database with help from this exclusive Oracle Press guide. Oracle Database 10g DBA Handbook explains how to install Oracle Database 10g, or upgrade from an earlier version, and take full advantage of all the new and improved management, scalability, availability, and security features. Written by Oracle experts, the book covers Automatic Undo Management, Oracle Real Application Clusters, Oracle Recovery Manager, Oracle Data Guard, and much more.

  • Plan tablespaces--including bigfiles and multiple temporary tablespaces--and physical database layout
  • Manage disk space and CPU usage
  • Use Automatic Undo Management to manage transactions
  • Tune queries using the SQL Access Advisor
  • Monitor and tune your database with the Automated Workload Repository and STATSPACK
  • Implement fine-grained security using authentication, authorization, and auditing techniques
  • Automate the management of the memory areas
  • Enable high availability using Oracle Real Application Clusters
  • Perform backup and recovery with Oracle Recovery Manager
  • Use Oracle Data Guard and the flashback features for data protection and disaster recovery
  • Manage Very Large Databases (VLDB) and distributed databases

About the Authors:
Kevin Loney is a senior technical management consultant with TUSC, a Chicago-based consultancy providing Oracle solutions. He has been an Oracle developer and DBA since 1987, and has written for Oracle Magazine and Oracle Press since 1990. In 2002, he was named Oracle Magazine’s Editors’ Choice as Consultant of the Year. He is a frequent and highly rated speaker at local and international Oracle user groups. Bob Bryla is an Oracle 8, 8i, 9 and 10g Certified Professional with more than 15 years of experience in database design, database application development, training, and Oracle database administration. He is the primary Internet database designer and an Oracle DBA at Lands’ End in Dodgeville, Wisconsin.

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