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Programming Microsoft LINQ-Marco Russo, Paolo Pialorsi
Programming Microsoft LINQ  Review
by Marco Russo, Paolo Pialorsi (Author)
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Publisher : Microsoft Press-WP
Publish date : 16-Jan-2009
Category : Linq
Mediatype : Books
Binding : Paperback
Availability : IsAvailable, Order now ships within 5-7 business days
List Price :   Rs. 799
Greenleaf Price :  Rs. 679
You Save :  Rs. 120
ISBN : 9780735624009 / Indian ISBN 13: 9788178531427
Pages : 660
Book Summary : Programming Microsoft LINQ
Get comprehensive guidance for using the Microsoft Language Integrated Query (LINQ) Project with in-depth insights from two experienced developers. Data-rich applications can be difficult to create because of the tremendous differences between query languages used to access data and programming languages commonly used to write applications. This practical guide covers the intricacies of LINQ, a set of extensions to the Visual C# and Visual Basic programming languages. Instead of traversing different language syntaxes required for accessing data from relational and hierarchical data sources, developers will learn how to write queries natively in Visual C# or Visual Basic helping reduce complexity and boost productivity. Written by two experienced developers with strong ties to developer teams at Microsoft, this book describes the LINQ architecture and classes, details the new language features in both C# and Visual Basic, and provides code samples in both languages.

Key Book Benefits:
Delivers an in-depth guidance for using LINQ
Covers architecture, syntax, and classes, illustrating how developers can integrate LINQ into their toolkits
Features code samples in Visual C# (plus Visual Basic in some chapters)


PART I - LINQ Foundations
1 LINQ Introduction
2 LINQ Syntax Fundamentals
3 LINQ to Objects
PART II - LINQ to Relational Data
4 LINQ to SQL: Querying Data
5 LINQ to SQL: Managing Data
6 Tools for LINQ to SQL
7 LINQ to DataSet
8 LINQ to Entities
9 LINQ to XML: Managing the XML Infoset
10 LINQ to XML: Querying Nodes
PART IV - Advanced LINQ
11 Inside Expression Trees
12 Extending LINQ
13 Parallel LINQ
14 Other LINQ Implementations
PART V - AppliedLINQ
15 LINQ in a Multitier Solution
17 LINQ and WPF/Silverlight
18 LINQ and the Windows Communication Foundation
PART VI - Appendixes
A ADO.NET Entity Framework
B C# 3.0: New Language Features
C Visual Basic 2008: New Language Features

About the Author
Paolo Pialorsi is a consultant, trainer, and author who focuses on software development, concentrating on .NET, XML, and Web services. He is a founder of DevLeap (devleap.com), a group focused on producing sophisticated content for the developer community. He has written three books about XML and Web services.

Marco Russo is a founder and contributor to DevLeap. He contributes to a number of Microsoft developer blogging sites and is a consultant and trainer focused in .NET programming, Microsoft SQL Server and Business Intelligence.
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