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Silverlight 4 Problem Design Solution-Nick Lecrenski
Silverlight 4 Problem Design Solution  Review
by Nick Lecrenski (Author)
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Publisher : Wrox
Publish date : 10-May-2010
Category : Silverlight
Mediatype : Books
Binding : Paperback
Availability : InStock, Order now ships within 2-3 business days
List Price :   Rs. 449
Greenleaf Price :  Rs. 382
You Save :  Rs. 67
ISBN : 9780470534045 / Indian ISBN 13: 9788126526536
Pages : 528
Book Summary : Silverlight 4 Problem Design Solution
A hands-on guide to Microsoft's latest rich application development technology: Silverlight 4

Silverlight 4 is the newest version of the rich Internet application toolkit that provides support for .NET capabilities over the Internet. With this latest release of Silverlight, Microsoft has revolutionized the way that Web applications can be created. This book uses the popular Problem – Design – Solution strategy to demonstrate how to harness the power and abilities of Silverlight 4 to add value to the overall user experience of a Web site.

Using a Web site created by the author as a reference point, you'll go through the steps of creating a live, fully functional application for the Web using Silverlight 4 and the Silverlight Control Toolkit. Along the way, the book addresses important design considerations, such as the use of Web Services and the SQL Server database.
  • Uses the popular Problem – Design – Solution format show you how to harness the power of the latest version of Silverlight, Microsoft's rich Internet application toolkit
  • Puts the author's own Web site to task as you learn to create rich user interfaces that integrate video, HTML, and social networking components
  • Explains system linking and data flow, end user interface, system architecture based on Silverlight 4 and .NET 4, and more
  • Includes coverage on integrating social networking and Facebook
With this book, you'll quickly get started using the new features of Silverlight 4 to enhance the user experience of a Web site.

Create a fully functional application using Silverlight 4

Silverlight 4 boasts long-awaited features that conquer writing a Rich Internet Application. Using new line-of-business features in this book, you create a web application that's more responsive than a traditional ASP.NET web site. Leveraging new features and the improved Silverlight Toolkit, in each chapter you'll work through the problem statement, design analysis, and solution implementation.
  • Silverlight 4: Problem–Design–Solution:
  • Explains how to determine functional requirements for your site
  • Details the latest features, such as charting, enhanced data entry controls, navigation framework, and element to element binding
  • Covers the new Silverlight Toolkit featuring themes, charting, and layout management
  • Uses the new .NET RIA Services for your middle tier and data access layers
  • Utilizes existing Silverlight ASP.NET membership, authentication, and profile services
  • Illustrates adding social networking to the application using a Silverlight based MySpace application
  • Addresses generating revenue with Pay-Per-Click advertisements from Google AdSense and recurring monthly subscriptions using the PayPal® developer API
  • Shows how to leverage the ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit to incorporate HTML content into a Silverlight application
  • Includes step-by-step deployment instructions to host the site with a real shared hosted provider, Discount ASP.NET
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