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Supply Chain Risk Management Vulnerability and Resilience in Logistics 2nd Ed.-Donald Waters
Supply Chain Risk Management Vulnerability and Resilience in Logistics 2nd Ed.  Review
by Donald Waters (Author)
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Publisher : Kogan Page
Publish date : 12-Oct-2011
Category : Supply Chain & Logistics
Mediatype : Books
Binding : Paperback
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List Price :   Rs. 995
Greenleaf Price :  Rs. 846
You Save :  Rs. 149
ISBN : 9780749463939 / Indian ISBN 13: 9780749463939
Pages : 272
Book Summary : Supply Chain Risk Management Vulnerability and Resilience in Logistics 2nd Ed.
Using jargon-free, accessible language, it identifies both the possible effects that risks can cause and how to plan for them. Starting with a definition of risk and supply chain management, it explains the current trends affecting the supply chain and provides detailed guidance on how to identify and analyse risks. It develops the principles involved, describing the various approaches to take and the steps needed to implement it. There is advice on how to create a resilient supply chain and, in the worst case scenario, how to plan for and respond to an extreme risk. Interspersed with real-life examples of how risks in the supply chain have affected organizations, readers can learn from the past and take steps to ensure they are not victims of future risk.

1. Working with Risk
Risk and management; Growth of risk management; Risk in the supply chain;
In summary

2. Defining Risk
Features of risk; Decisions and risk; Structure of decisions; Decisions
with certainty; Decisions with uncertainty; Decisions with risk; Decisions
with ignorance; Managing risk; In summary

3. Supply Chain Management
Definitions; Structure of a supply chain; Aims of supply chain management;
Activities of logistics; Importance of logistics; Risk in the supply chain;
In summary

4. Trends affecting the Supply Chain
Increasing risk; Trends in supply chain management; Integration of supply
chains; Cost reduction; Agile logistics; E-business; Globalization;
Outsourcing; Changing practices in logistics; In summary

5. Approaches to Risk Management
Definition; Development of risk management; Supply chain risk management;
Aims of SCRM; Steps in risk management; Some principles of SCRM; In summary

6. Identifying Risks
Types of risk; Identifying risks; Tools for analysing past events; Tools to
collect opinions; Tools to analyse operations; Problems with risk
identification; In summary

7. Analysing Risks
Measuring risk; Likelihood of a risk occurring; Consequences when a risk
occurs; Evaluating consequences; Tools for risk analysis; In summary

8. Responding to Risks
Responses to risk; Alternative responses; Defining options; Choosing the
best response; Implementation and activation; In summary

9. A Network View of Risk
Shared risks; Achieving an integrated approach; Identifying risks;
Analysing and responding to risks; Problems with integrating SCRM; Levels
of SCRM integration; In summary

10. Creating Resilient Supply Chains
Design of a resilient chain; Principles of designing a resilient supply
chain; Physical features of a resilient supply chain; Relationships within
a resilient supply chain; Risk compensation and business continuity; In

11. Business Continuity Management
Emergencies and crises; Use of BCM; Steps in business continuity
management; In summary

12. Review
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