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The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes Part-2 AudioBook CD-Connan Doyle
The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes Part-2 AudioBook CD  Review
by Connan Doyle (Author)
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Publisher : Reado
Publish date : 30-Jul-2011
Category : AudioBook-CD
Mediatype : Audio-Books
Binding : Audio-CD
Availability : IsAvailable, Order now ships within 5-7 business days
List Price :   Rs. 299
Greenleaf Price :  Rs. 269
You Save :  Rs. 30
ISBN : 9789381264027 / Indian ISBN 13: 9789381264027
Pages : 1
Book Summary : The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes Part-2 AudioBook CD

Narrated by : Rashid Raza, Satya  Length: 3 hrs 30 min    File Format : .mp3    Version : Unabridged

The Beryl Coronet - One of the senior partners of the second largest private bank in London, Alexander Holder, comes to see Holmes and Watson concerning a Beryl Coronet, that a very good family had put down as a security deposit, against a loan. Alexander finds his son with the Coronet in his hand in the middle of the night, with 3 Beryls missing. He wants Sherlock to find the three missing beryls.

The Speckled Band - Helen Stoner, comes to Holmes and Watson, as she freaked out because she is hearing some weird whistling noises in her sleep, the same noises that her twin sister, Julia, used to hear right before she died in mysterious circumstances, two years ago. Holmes and Watson, decide to help her out and visit her estate in the night, even ignoring her stepfathers warning not to get involved in the matter.

The Boscombe Valley Mystery - Watson and Holmes make a trip to Boscombe Valley, where a man named Charles McCarthy has been murdered, and the main suspect is his son James. Everyone, including Watson is convinced that James is responsible for his fathers death. Holmes, however, is not sure.

A Red Headed League - Mr. Jabez Wilson, a red headed man, and a pawnbroker visits Sherlock Holmes, concerning a matter of a certain Red Headed League which he was a part of. The "Red-Headed League," a club funded by the will of an eccentric American millionaire looking to support red-headed dudes. His trustworthy employee Vincent Spaulding convinces Mr. Jabez Wilson to join the league and work with the league, while Vincent takes care of his pawnshop. But suddenly, after two months of this work, the offices hes been using have abruptly been locked up. He wants Holmes to get to the bottom of this sudden dissolving of the Red-Headed League.

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