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Workflow in the 2007 Microsoft Office System-David Mann
Workflow in the 2007 Microsoft Office System  Review
by David Mann (Author)
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Publisher : Apress
Publish date : 01-May-2007
Category : Sharepoint
Mediatype : Books
Binding : Paperback
Availability : InStock, Order now ships within 2-3 business days
List Price :   Rs. 450
Greenleaf Price :  Rs. 383
You Save :  Rs. 67
ISBN : 9781590597002 / Indian ISBN 13: 978818286710
Pages : 433
Book Summary : Workflow in the 2007 Microsoft Office System
Workflow is the glue that binds information worker processes, users, and artifacts. Without workflow, information workers are just islands of data and potential. Workflow in the 2007 Microsoft Office System details how to implement workflow in SharePoint 2007 and the rest of the 2007 Office System to help information workers share data, enforce processes and business rules, and work more efficiently together or solo.

This book covers anything you're likely going to need to know -- from what workflow is all about, to creating new Activities; from InfoPath forms to ASP.NET forms; from the Rules Engine to the object model. Theres even a section on integrating Office 2003 clients with SharePoint 2007 workflows. Youll come away from reading this book with solid knowledge of how to implement workflow in the new world of Office and SharePoint.

About the Author
David Mann is the principal architect for portal and collaborative solutions at Anexinet, a Microsoft Gold-Certified partner headquartered in Philadelphia. Anexinet provides solutions for customers spanning the entire Microsoft stack. Dave has been working with portal, information worker, and content management technologies for just shy of 300 years (OK, really for 12 years). He has designed and delivered solutions for Fortune 500, international conglomerates, small family-run businesses, and everything in between -- always with a focus on end users and making their lives easier.

Dave can be reached at the website for the book: www.kcdholdings.com.
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